MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Comfortable and sturdy smartwatch for everyday use

Molife recently launched the Sense 510 smartwatch with Bluetooth calling and features an in-built speaker. It also features accelerometer, heart rate, SpO2 and BP monitoring. The smartwatch uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to Android and iOS devices. Molife’s Sense 510 falls under the Rs 5000 category but is it worth buying. We find out.

MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Comfortable and sturdy smartwatch for everyday use
MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Comfortable and sturdy smartwatch for everyday use

There are currently a number of smartwatches in the market, and new ones keep launching every day. A lot of emphases has been paid to the Made In India factor where gadgets are concerned. Keeping this in mind, Molife, the Indian mobile and lifestyle accessories brand, recently launched the Sense 510 smartwatch with in-built Bluetooth calling. The smartwatch features an inbuilt speaker that enables users to take calls and talk. It also features an accelerometer, 24-hour heart rate monitor, SpO2 and BP monitoring. The smartwatch also has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to Android and iOS devices. Molife’s Sense 510 falls under the Rs 5,000 category and is available on Amazon and Molife’s website for Rs 4499 and Rs 3899, respectively, but is it worth buying? We find out.

MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Build and design

The Molife Sense 510 comes in black colour with a matching strap, an additional strap in orange colour, a charging connector and a user manual. My personal preference while looking for a watch is to go for something sturdy and tough, so I did not mind Sense 510 smartwatch's design, but I would have also appreciated a more delicate design since i Have a somewhat small wrist. However, I had no problem with the smartwatch as it felt good on my wrist, and it even served a premium look and feel. The smartwatch weighs 60 grams and comes with an interchangeable strap that feels like it has a rubber and leather finish. It also comes with another strap in rusty orange colour, which is also made of the same material in case users want to use it.

The smartwatch features a metal zinc alloy case that adds to its premium feel. Users can choose from various watch faces and can browse for more on the Da Fit app. The company notes that the smartwatch has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, and I had no problem with in that area because at times, I wore the watch while washing my hands and expectedly a few drops of water would fall on the smartwatch but did not affect it anyway. I wore the smartwatch while riding my two-wheeler on dusty roads and I did not have to clean it much later. This showed that it was dust and water resistant. However, the place where I had a problem was with the sweat marks the watch got after I removed it after long hours of usage. Whenever I had a sweaty wrist and checked the back of the watch, I felt gross because of the sweat marks.

The watch uses a green LED light while measuring the heart rate and uses the same sensor to monitor blood oxygen and BP tracking. It also has speakers on the right side, and the microphone is present on the bottom edge. I could take calls and speak to people through the speaker on the smartwatch which is a big plus because I did not always have my phone handy. However, users must keep the smartwatch connected to their mobile phones at all times. The watch has two buttons on the right-hand side. The first one, when pressed, livens the display and also goes back to the home screen when pressed but does not have any other purpose. The second button launches workout modes. It also features 7 sports fitness models including swimming, walking and running among others. I used to wear the smartwatch during my evening walks, and it recorded my steps pretty accurately.

The display is touch-sensitive and can be used to operate the various functions on the screen. The smartwatch has a 1.3-inch glass colour touch screen. There is an option to adjust the brightness, with one minimum and five maximum. The brightness was underwhelming even when I set it to five when I stepped out during day time because I could hardly see anything. I cannot say the same about areas with the lesser light or during evening time as the display and the brightness was satisfactory then. Users can set the watch to turn on the screen when they lift their hand, and the screen turns off in a few seconds, but the watch does not have an option to increase the timeout limit, and I had to keep pressing the button or keep lifting my arm to turn the display on to see time or use other functions.

The watch also shows notifications to its users when they swipe from the bottom. Users can see and read the notifications, but they cannot reply to it. Swiping from the top will show a quick settings shade which has Theater mode that lowers the brightness and sends the watch into vibration mode. Users can also adjust settings like weather and Bluetooth connectivity. Users can access music controls, steps, camera shutter buttons, weather, heart rate, oxygen and BP monitoring, notifications, and flashlight.

MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Bluetooth calling and compatibility

Sense 510 also has a built-in calling feature, and users can take or deny calls directly from the watch. It also allows users to add up to eight contacts, shows a call log, and features a dial pad. The speaker is present on the backside of the watch. The feature is helpful for users who do not always have their phone around and can take calls through their watch. I personally liked this feature a lot as I can't keep track of all the places I forget my phone throughout the day. It will also come in useful for people while driving as they will not have to look at their phones to see who is calling. I was able to take calls on the smartwatch and could even listen to audio at times. When there was no external disturbance, the feature worked for me.

The Sense 510 can be paired with Bluetooth on both Android and iOS. Users will have to install the DaFit app from Google PlayStore or App Store. Once the app has been downloaded, users will be required to fill in their details like height, weight, gender and birth year. The app will give users various fitness tracking options and device settings. Through the DaFit app, users can get an elaborate picture of their sleep cycle, heart rate monitoring, BP and oxygen levels. The BP tacker was not accurate as it changed its recordings within seconds, the oxygen tracker showed readings slightly different from my oximeter.

So you cannot entirely rely on the readings for your vitals from this watch and will have to verify it from a second place also, in my opinion. Sleep tracking works most of the time and shows restful, light, REM and awake data, and it worked almost fine for me. It however recorded time as my sleeping hours even if I was not sleeping and watching shows or reading while lying down.

MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Battery life

The Sense 510 features a 220mAh battery and says it will last up to 3 to 4 days with calling time which was true as I charged the watch once and could use it for over four days, which was hassle-free as I did not have to charge it much. The smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging connector, which comes off easily, so users will have to take care to position the watch in such a manner that it is getting charged.

MoLife Sense 510 smartwatch review: Verdict

The Sense 510 smartwatch is a nice, sturdy smartwatch with a solid build quality and decent battery life. It also has an in-built calling feature which is impressive for a watch in the sub- Rs 5000 price range. Further, the vitals it shows are not accurate -- especially the BP and SpO2. The watch can be used to track steps while walking and other sports modes, which serves the purpose of someone looking to use the smartwatch. There is no way to control the live display time externally, and it shuts down soon to save power and users are required to click on the right-hand side button multiple times. Its difficult to see with the display the watch offers during day time, but it is alright when indoors and during evening time. Overall, the watch is impressive and can be worn for everyday use.