Stylish headphones with good battery and decent sound :PlayGo BH47 ANC review

The PlayGo BH47 is a stylish and light pair of headphones with 30 hours of battery life and 40 MM drivers. The Bluetooth headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and are priced at Rs 6499, but are they worth the price? We find out.

Stylish headphones with good battery and decent sound :PlayGo BH47 ANC review

layGo recently launched a new pair of ANC headphones called the PlayGo BH47 with 30 hours battery life and haver 40 mm ebel drivers. With a lot of people switching to remote work, a good pair of headphones becomes a prerequisite if it is for listening to music or for gaming purposes. The BH47 headphones are priced at Rs 6,499, work with Bluetooth v 5.0 and come with an AUX cable to use in wired mode when you run out of battery. Furthermore, the headphones feature an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature, which is aimed at killing ambient noise in addition to the sponge-padded headphones, which passively isolates the external noise.

PlayGo BH47 review: Build quality and design

The PlayGo BH47 is a stylish and light pair of headphones weighing about 260 grams, so you can wear them for a long time without experiencing much fatigue. The review piece we received was Dynamic Black. There is generous sponge padding on-ear cups as well as the top headband, which is also black in colour. These headphones have some controls on both the right and the left sides. The left side of the headphone features the active noise cancellation (ANC) button, which can be switched on or off as per the user’s preference. When the headphones are switched on, a blue LED light gets turned on.

Beneath the ANC button, there is an aux port if users want to use the headphones as a wired device. The AUX cable also comes along with the headphones and features a button which can be used to pause or play music or shows. The buttons are clicky and tactile, and I had no issues using them. The right side of the headphone has the power and the volume buttons along with the micro USB port to charge the headphones. The USB wire to charge the headphones also comes along with them.

The headphones are foldable and can be laid flat on a surface. They also come with a bag that will help you keep all your stuff in one place and carry around the headphones anywhere. The headphones are extendable in case users want to adjust them according to the size of their head. However, these are not resistant to sweat or water like countless devices are as I could not spot any IP rating on the specs shared with me. I wore the headphones for my evening walks, but intense movement during rigorous workout will make them fall out. The BH47 headphones work on Bluetooth v 5.0 and were easily connected to my phone and laptop. The included AUX cable lets you use the headset even when they’re out of charge. The AUX Cable also has an inbuilt mic and button for calling and music control.

PlayGo BH47 headphones review: Sound quality

When it comes to over-the-ear headphones, the way they cover your ears makes a lot of difference, in my opinion. The PlayGo BH47 headphones covered both my ears and had a sponge covering that did not cause trouble to my ears and was enough to cancel the outside noise passively. With the ANC on and the right volume, the sound quality delivered by the headphones was decent. I even listened to the 8D music on the headphones, which sounded exceptionally good. The ANC feature helps isolate the outside noise and the generous sponge padding on the headphones helps passively cancel outside noise. I listened to slow numbers like Tu Bin Bataaye from Rang De Basanti, and the vocals came out clear and without being overshadowed by the musical instruments.

Bass-heavy numbers like Aao Na from Haider came through nicely as well. The bass, however, did not sound extraordinary as the sound seemed to leak when I turned up the volume, and I could feel some sort of distortion in the sound. After experiencing this, I did not want to turn the volume up to the maximum level because once I did, I could feel the strain on my ears and I did not want that. So, in my opinion, a cleaner sound when I turned up the volume would have been a plus. Having said that, if you are a fan of loud music and do not pay much attention to the nitty grittiest in music, you can opt for these headphones. The ANC feature worked well as it did cancel out external sounds of the fan and traffic for me.I used the headphones to watch movies and shows and did not experience any delay in the sound. I did not have any problem while making audio or video calls with the same. There was no issue with the connectivity in the headphones.

Playgo BH47 claims that the headphones give a battery life of 30 hours without the ANC switched on. With the ANC switched on, it offers over 20 hours. I used the headphones for four days in a row, and I do not remember plugging them in. However, if you run out of battery, they come with micro-USB charging. They can also be used as a wired device with the 0.3 mm aux cable they come with. However, I never felt the need to use them as a wired device.

PlayGo BH47 headphones review: Verdict

The PlayGo BH47 is a decent pair of headphones and can be used for long hours for listening to music, watching movies, or gaming. The ANC button helps in isolating the external noise, so you can go about your work without being bothered. Because I have used headphones in the past that focussed more on bass, and because I prefer a bass-heavy sound system, I was left wanting for more. The overall sound could have been cleaner with a heavier bass, in my opinion. The headphones will work for people focussing on the loudness of sound because the volume of the headphones is impressive but tends to strain the ears after a point, or did, at least in my case. But given the price range of the headphones, the fact they feature ANC is impressive, and the overall sound quality is decent. The battery on the headphones is also impressive, with rapid charging present in the device. Connectivity for me, was not an issue, and I could take calls with the headphones. The headphones are light yet stylish, and I could use them for hours at a stretch due to their good battery. So if you are looking for headphones with ANC and a good battery priced under Rs 10,000, you can for the PlayGo BH47 over-the-head headphones.